Remarkable Architecture of Rice Fields
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Rice fields are probably the most important source of food for the most of Asian countries. When I see a rice I cannot avoid not to think about Asia because it just reminds me too much on this beautiful part of the world.
There are thousands of rice fields all around the Asia. Some of those fields are settled in lowlands, however, some of them are settled ind highladn areas. Because of the nature of rice fields, those people who decide to settle rice fields in highlands they have to consider building a number of so-called terraces.

Kenya, Experience the Beauty of the Natural Diversity
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In my opinion African and Asian countries are the world's most exotic countries with exotic culture and unbelievable nature. Africa is the continent where there are a plenty of untouched parts of nature which makes it so adorable for those who love the wildlife. Kenya is one of such countries where you can find amazing landscapes and resorts. It is located in southern part of Africa. As you can see from attached photos, Kenya has a lot to offer to visitors who are seeking for adventure and wildlife experience.

Exciting Annual Flower Festival in Valkenswaard, Netherlands
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Netherlands are one of the world's most famous flower-producing countries. Flowers grown in Netherlands are exported worldwide every day. That makes flower production a signifficant part of Dutch economy and that gives them a right to organize annual events dedicated to flowers. There is a number of such festivals which are held in Netherlands every year and one of them is The Stitchting Bloemencorso Valkenswaard or The Foundation Flower Parade Valkenswaard. This parade is held in September, every year, and it takes a place in Valkenswaard. It is unique chance for those who love flowers to see a plenty of creative and colorful artworks made of flowers. Here you can see some exciting photos took during this festival on the streets of Valkenswaard.

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