Clean and Still Untouched Rivers and Their Springs by Marc Adamus
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Rivers-and-Their-Springs-by-Marc-AdamusWater is one of the most beautiful and most amazing gifts which were given to humans. When we think about the water, we cannot avoid the rivers. If you look back in humans' history, you'll see that rivers' shores were main places where people built their settlements. Rivers can be considered as some kind of source of life.
Unfortunately, with the fast development of urban settlements and industrial production, those river which once were the source of life can be rather considered as source of death and disease, in today's world. Still, there is a plenty of rivers which have remained untouched and clean by now. Since clean rivers have became a real attraction in these days when everyone talks about the pollution and shortage of drinking water, it seems that they have begun to be more and more interesting for photographers.

Amazing Pictures From WikiLeaks's Headquarters
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WikiLeaks-picturesI’m positive that you heard all about the recent incident with WikiLeaks that released some secret documents of the State Department to the public. It seems that folks from WikiLeaks are in a lot of trouble because of that, but that’s not the issue here. As you know, WikiLeaks in non-profit organization, but after this incident, WikiLeaks sure does look like some sort of secret, evil organization. And what would evil organization be without its super-secret hideout? Today we’re going to show you how does a hideout of WikiLeaks looks like, and we can only say that it’s both super and secret.
As you might know, WikiLeaks is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and they are currently located in Pionen data center. This might not be the standard data center as you expect since this one is located inside a bunker. That’s right, and this bunker is located 30m bellow the ground under the Stockholm park.

The Sad Side of Abandoned Places by Anthony Kurtz
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Abandoned-Places-by-Anthony-KurtzHave you ever imagined what would it look like if some of the world's largest cities would look like if all people who live there have suddenly decided to leave and abandon them.
If you see some photos of how abandoned places does look like, then you'll probably be able to feel that strange sadness while watching abandoned places.
It is interesting how those places can look sad and miserable. When you watch the ruins and remains of whole settlements where people once lived, you cannot stay untouched by the fact that now there is no anyone left there and that probably most of those who lived there are dead by now.
But, this also can help you to see this world from the real point of view. This world is made to end and if you are conscious of this fact you can consequently discover a truth about this world, that nothing can resist the jaws of time and no matter how something is big and glorious in this world, it is condemned to end, sooner or later.

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