Stuffed Animals Mimicking Human Life
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Walter Potter was an English taxidermist noted for his anthropomorphic dioramas featuring stuffed animals mimicking human life, which he displayed at his museum in Bramber, Sussex, England. Mr Potter started his collection at the age of 19 when his canary died and he dissected the bird before stuffing it for display in the family summer house.




The largest piece, The Death and Burial of Cock Robin, (above) displays 98 species of British birds including a weeping robin widow and an owl gravedigger. It was the highest-selling item of the sale in 2003, raising £23,500, and usually occupies the entire wall of retired academic Pat Morris’ bedroom wall.

The Rabbits’ Village School

A close-up of The Rabbits’ Village School


The Museum of Everything’s founder, James Brett, said: “The idea of re-creating the Potter museum began as a chance remark by Peter and it became an obsession to bring it back together. It has taken over my life. But Potter was worth it, he was a true original and himself an outsider artist as much as a craftsman. I can tell a Potter from the work of another taxidermist at a glance across a room – he was a genius”

Upper Ten or Squirrels’ Club

Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter


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