Nature in Its Pure State: The Khor Al Udaid Beach
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The Khor Al Udaid BeachA perfect getaway would be splendid trips to a far away beach where you can escape the daily hassles that you are forced to face in your everyday living. Regardless of whether you are just planning to spend a fun-filled activity with your family and friends or if you are on your way to have a sweet romantic journey with your loved-one, the beach would be just the thing. A visit to the beach is also a splendid idea if you want to go soul searching.
Undeniably, taking light steps on the sand while being refreshed by pristine waters will refresh your outlook in life. Now, if you are looking for the perfect beach for your perfect getaway, then you ought to try the Khor Al Udaid Beach of Doha, Qatar.
The Khor Al Udaid beach is one of the most splendid spots that you ought to pay attention to if you are planning to go on a trip to the Middle East. It lies on a very strategic location in the southeastern region of the state of Qatar, just approximately 80 kilometers away from the center of Doha. What makes this beautiful place very famous is its wide variety of sand dunes that can pile up to a gigantic height of about 40 meters in some of its sections. Aside from this beach, other fine offers of Qatar are the Fuwairit beach and the Dukhan.

The Weird and Wonderful World of the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
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The-Weird-and-Wonderful-World-of-the-Lembeh-StraitNorth Sulawesi is located within the ‘Coral Triangle’, a territory which spreads from western Thailand all the way through eastern Indonesia. This is where many scientists believe life began in the ocean and it is widely thought that it holds the most bio diverse marine habitats on earth.
For this reason diving in Indonesia has been held in high regard amongst the diving community and North Sulawesi is no exception. To the east of Borneo and below the Philippines, Sulawesi is an oddly shaped island in the Celebes Sea. North Sulawesi refers to the most northerly point. Just a few hundred meters offshore the continental shelf plunges towards the deep oceanic trenches which offers nutrient rich waters. The fact that evolution here has been uninterrupted for millions of year means that the marine life in this particular part of the Coral Triangle is extremely diverse
Bunaken Island lies just a few kilometers offshore, a plateau extends from the island before reaching the drop off which descends to hundreds of meters. Coral life on the wall is extremely dense and different species both hard and soft compete for space. These particular walls have gone some way into making diving in Indonesia what it is today and draw traveling divers from all over the world. Large pelagics like Black and White Tip Sharks, Trevally and Napoleon Wrasse work their way up the reef, whilst Green Sea Turtles lodge themselves into the wall to rest. If you’ve got a skillful guide you might be able to see finger nail size Pygmy Seahorses latched onto Gorgonian Fans, not a common site even when you are diving in Indonesia.

London Theatre - A Brief History
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London-TheatreLondon today teems with so many theatres at the well-renowned West End. Many talented artists who want to get their breaks and begin their acting careers seek the spotlights of the West End theaters for the promise of brilliant and shining show business careers. The London theatre is where all things can begin for actors so every hopeful has his eyes on the high profile roles, the applause, and that chance to perform on these famous theatres.
I was in 1597 when an actor decided to put up his own theater and launch himself as a star. Richard Burbage established the Globe Theatres when he took over the lease of The Theatre, which was the first ever playhouse in Shoreditch, that was put up in 1576. The Theatre started the rich history of the London theatre and the West End. When the lease expired, Burbage took over and launched much more ambitious efforts to push the industry and the craft. Soon enough, Burbage became a big name as a great actor and he came to be known too, as the first to play Shakespeare's Hamlet, King Lear, as well as Othello.
In 1663, the West End legacy of artistic excellence in stage performance soared with the opening of the first London West End venue at Drury Lane. This very famous venue witnessed careers of the earliest icons - the likes of Charles Hart and Nell Gwyn. The old theatre, unfortunately, suffered during a fire in 1672.

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