16-bit Games are Gone but Pixel Art Still Lives
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Pixel-ArtThe appearance of new technologies has, beside other useful and useless things, always brought some new form of art. Pixel art is one of such kind of arts which have emerged as direct consequence of the appearance of computer technology. The older reader who have spend their childhoods playing some 16-bit games will probably find this kind of art very familiar. The appearance of this "art" has been conditioned by the particular phase of the development of computer graphic when computers were unable to render and display quality images.
The development of computer graphics technologies has, of course, continued but a lot of people have started to feel some kind of nostalgia, as those poor-graphic but cool games have started to be more and more forgotten and pushed out from the use.

Amazing Pictures From WikiLeaks's Headquarters
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WikiLeaks-picturesI’m positive that you heard all about the recent incident with WikiLeaks that released some secret documents of the State Department to the public. It seems that folks from WikiLeaks are in a lot of trouble because of that, but that’s not the issue here. As you know, WikiLeaks in non-profit organization, but after this incident, WikiLeaks sure does look like some sort of secret, evil organization. And what would evil organization be without its super-secret hideout? Today we’re going to show you how does a hideout of WikiLeaks looks like, and we can only say that it’s both super and secret.
As you might know, WikiLeaks is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and they are currently located in Pionen data center. This might not be the standard data center as you expect since this one is located inside a bunker. That’s right, and this bunker is located 30m bellow the ground under the Stockholm park.

The Amazing Art Of Tilt-Shift Photography
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tilt-shift-photographyI don’t know if you’re familiar with the art of Tilt-Shift photography, but it’s the one of the most impressive types of photography that I’ve ever seen because it makes everything in your pictures like miniatures. Today we have some examples of Tilt-Shift photography that we want to share with you so let’s check them out, shall we?
Tilt-Shift photography sounds simple because you just need to perform tilt by rotating the lens plane and adjusting your focus that way. Second part involves shifting that is basically moving the lens without moving the camera itself. In order to make Tilt-Shift photography you’ll need a special lens or an image editing software such as Photoshop. Anyhow, despite the method that you use, results can be amazing, so we decided to share of the most impressive examples of Tilt-Shift photography that we could find.

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