Beautiful Natural Features of Earth Photographed by Simon Chirsten
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Earth-Photographed-by-Simon-ChirstenDespite the fact that we are struck every day with all those news about the global pollution and global warming, our planet is still the most beautiful planet in universe (scientists are trying to prove the opposite but they haven't found anything similar yet, and I believe they will never find something similar).
Our beloved planet is full of unexplored parts of nature. I am surprised how can I see something strange and unusual related to Earth's nature every day. It seems that there are hundreds of thousands amazing places on this planet.
If you would want to become a photographer and if you would ask me for advice about what to photograph, I would, without much thinking, recommend you a nature as a source for your inspiration.

Clean and Still Untouched Rivers and Their Springs by Marc Adamus
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Rivers-and-Their-Springs-by-Marc-AdamusWater is one of the most beautiful and most amazing gifts which were given to humans. When we think about the water, we cannot avoid the rivers. If you look back in humans' history, you'll see that rivers' shores were main places where people built their settlements. Rivers can be considered as some kind of source of life.
Unfortunately, with the fast development of urban settlements and industrial production, those river which once were the source of life can be rather considered as source of death and disease, in today's world. Still, there is a plenty of rivers which have remained untouched and clean by now. Since clean rivers have became a real attraction in these days when everyone talks about the pollution and shortage of drinking water, it seems that they have begun to be more and more interesting for photographers.

The Portraits of Babies by Evan Kafka
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Portraits-of-BabiesIt is always interesting to observe how small kids act and learn new things. If you watch some photos of older babies closely, you will be surprised how even those very young kids already have some personalities. When I see babies I always try to see how they could look like in 10 or 20 years.
For parents, their baby is something most beautiful in the world and it is amazing how they learn fast. That is why parents need to be careful and start teaching and raising their kids from the very beginning of their lives because babies do learn from their parents from the moment they were born.

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