Bike Sharing System for the City of Copenhagen
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Bike Sharing System for the City of Copenhagen

RAFFA Arhictecture has submitted this new bike sharing system for the city of Copenhagen that could increase ridership from 37% up to 50% by 2015.The system features real-time GPS tracking, an online reservation system, and attractive bikes that can be stored anywhere.
The bicycles should function as censors and inform the system about certain behaviors, so that the system can react according to the situation. To predict the performance of a system, the entities have to exchange information. An internet-based platform can analyze the different interests and could then manage possible conflicts. The bicycles are equipped with GPS and W-Lan, so they are connected to each order and can inform the system about their position and status. (Is a bike being used? Where is the bike and where is it moving to? Is there a reservation for the bike? etc.) Privacy protection is a matter that has to be taken into account in the process.



source [enpundit]


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