Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Home
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Christmas-Decoration-IdeasIt’s again that time of the year for which we all keep waiting, yes it’s the holiday season and Christmas day is approaching. Every year we like to redecorate our house for welcoming guests and friends in a new style. We like to give the best looks to our interior as well as exteriors. Here are certain ideas for decorating your house this holiday.
Decorate your stairway: If there is a staircase in your house with designed railing, then you can image how well you can decorate it. Hang garland made of flowers, pine leaves, metal balls and ornaments on the railing. Buy Door swags and place them at equal intervals across the stair. Place potted plants along the steps or at the corner of the rest to give a greenish touch, and add some led lights on these trees which would look stunning in the dark. Hang wreaths, tie together stems and beaded fruits with ribbons and place them on the side walls.
Christmas colors: Look for complimentary colors to those you already have the year round to give a seasonal feel to your walls. Try to bring some concept from your childhood Christmas memories and imbibe it to the present décor. If you like a particular fabric then bring those color to the center of your dining room and distribute that hue to rest of the rooms to give the interior a unified look. You can also bring the ideas from your favorite magazine and color according to that concept. Add ribbons, almost every Christmas decoration would be enhanced by using ribbons and bows...

Why and How to Easily Decorate for Christmas Your Bathroom
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Decorate-for-Christmas-Your-BathroomShould you decorate your bathroom? You betcha! Why? Any additional
decor within the bathroom is a creative unexpected surprise for guests!
What to avoid? Avoid overdoing your bathroom décor with matching sets of Christmas accessories; such as, Santa & reindeer shower curtain, with matching Santa bathroom rug, with matching Santa toilet seat cover, with matching Santa hand towels, with matching Santa tissue dispenser, and matching Santa “toilet tissue” (yes, they do exist!). Go for simplicity by adding touches of your preferred style without overwhelming the room. Now simplicity does not mean you cannot have fun!  
Try these 3 holiday decorating ideas:

Tips For Caring Of Your Precious Antique Rugs And Persian Carpets
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Rugs-And-Persian-CarpetsIf precious antique rugs survived weathering with time it is just because they are taken care of very well. Persian rugs serve you long when they are treated with care, especially from moths and moisture.
Should the Persian rugs be stored, regular checks is called for especially for moths. However, when a Persian carpet is in use, there is any danger of moths to it.
Moisture and dampness rot the threads and reduce the quality of the carpet and the rugs pretty soon. It needs to be addressed very quickly. Similarly, any other damage such as burn or scissor or knife damage to carpet and rugs should be immediately addressed by a carpet man. It is repaired differently based on the amount of the damage received.
General rug care tips:
Change the rug position so sunlight effects are equally received by all sides of the rug. It is called rotation. But otherwise on a bright sunny day, try not to expose the rug. You may want to screen the window using curtains or shades and it reduces sun damage to your expensive Antique rugs.
Padding gives protection to your Persian rugs especially from excess traffic. These are mostly used in offices where movement of people is high. Padding also prevents the rug from wrinkling and moving off place. Using good rug pads is worthwhile as they improve life of your expensive antique rugs...

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