Why and How to Easily Decorate for Christmas Your Bathroom
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Decorate-for-Christmas-Your-BathroomShould you decorate your bathroom? You betcha! Why? Any additional
decor within the bathroom is a creative unexpected surprise for guests!
What to avoid? Avoid overdoing your bathroom décor with matching sets of Christmas accessories; such as, Santa & reindeer shower curtain, with matching Santa bathroom rug, with matching Santa toilet seat cover, with matching Santa hand towels, with matching Santa tissue dispenser, and matching Santa “toilet tissue” (yes, they do exist!). Go for simplicity by adding touches of your preferred style without overwhelming the room. Now simplicity does not mean you cannot have fun!  
Try these 3 holiday decorating ideas:

1. Place a few houses from a Christmas village on your counter. The town in the bathroom would be the one that the villagers would have to take a plane in order to reach it (visit!). If your counter is too small, just place trees or small figurines from the village. Protect the trees or small figurines with a clear jay (you can even use a mayonnaise jar (a clean one of course!!)  

2. Flaunt towels. Instead of Christmas decorative towels (e.g. reindeer face which may scare Santa Claus if he needs to use your bathroom!), choose a  plain design with a holiday color such as red. If you do not have red towels consider investing in them because you can always use it for other holidays; such as:  

* Valentines Day
* Independence Day (red, white, & blue theme)
* Anniversary (red symbolizing love and passion ....  Hot! Hot!)

3. Upgrade shower curtain hooks. There are varieties of items you can choose to accent your shower curtain hooks, the following will reveal two simple & economical  decorating items that can be easily wrapped around your shower curtain hooks. Great because most likely you already have the décor in your Christmas storage bins so there will be no additional expense to decorate an additional room. Whatever decorative item you decide to use make sure it does not blend with the shower curtain or else guests may not spot your creative decorations. Aim to make the interior design in the bathroom pop (to impress even Santa Claus!).  

Here are two simple items (ideas) that you can use to decorate your shower curtain hooks:

1. Wrap small to medium size bows that complement the color of your bathroom or the theme you choose for this year’s Christmas.          

2. Tie ornaments (don’t use any fragile ornaments; such as, glass or crystal ornaments).  

So, what are you waiting for? Go and transform your bathroom into holiday cheer this holiday. It may just brighten your mornings – wake up and have your heart smile from the creative unexpected décor elements applied in this room.
Autho:r Ada Gonzalez


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