Funny and Cute Chinese Kids in an Anatomy Class
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In a classroom somewhere in China, a teacher gives an anatomy lesson using dolls with a group of very young students. Perhaps this is why the Chinese population is so large.

Security Guard And Banana Dance Off
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Mascots enjoy dancing around security guards as it entertains the fans. A Banana dances to the Peanut Butter Jelly song during a break at a baseball game. This banana shows off his dance moves but seconds later the security guard shows off moves of his own.

Sugar Cube Sculptures by Brendan Jamison
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Brendan Jamison is a sugar specialist, well sculpturer anyway. These amazing images are of his latest sugar works of the Tate Modern building, Neo Bankside and Helen's Tower (Bangor).
The Tate Modern sculpture was commissioned by Native Land & Grosvenor for the 2010 London Festival of Architecture, NEO Bankside Pavillion, Southbank. The Tate building itself built to a 1:100 scale took 3 months with a whopping 71,908 sugar cubes to complete!

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