Amazing Combination of Photos From Present and Past by Sergey Larenkov
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Combination of photos from past and from present can be very interesting way to create great artworks.
Sergey Larenkov is Russian photographer who managed to create few of such combined photographs. He found some photos of places in Russia and rest of the world from World War II and he took photos of same building again, from same angle. Then, he combined old ones with new ones to get that "ghost effect"...

Out of the Box - Pencil Drawings by Andrea Joseph
Lifestyle - Arts and Culture
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Andrea Joseph is British artist who has found his own way in the sea of thousands of artists who all try to be unique and different from others.
Andrea found that usual format of paintings is too restrictive for her free imagination so he decided to search the area out of the box...

The Beauty of the Sky, Unfailing Spring of Inspiration and Hope
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Sky, it is the unfailing spring of inspiration, hope and enlightenment for millions of people every day. How many times did you look at sky in order to find some hope, and relief for your everyday problems. Many of us are not conscious of the impact of the sky on our everyday lives. If there are clouds in the sky, most of us will feel cloudy, if the Sun is shining and sky is blue and clear, it will amuse us and make us feel better.

Collection of Some of the Most Creative and Stylish Cufflinks
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You probably already had a chance to hear something about cufflinks, the decorative fasteners which are used as special fashion details. They can be used only on clothing which is pre-designed for cufflinks, i.e. which has button holes on both sides without any buttons.
Like wearing a watch or special mobile phone, cufflinks have became an inevitable part of styling for some people who like them...

Amazingly Realistic Paintings by Glennary Tutor
Lifestyle - Arts and Culture
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I always loved realistic painting. I think that true artist has to prove himself in field of realistic painting because, today, everyone can take a brush and some paint and to scratch some crazy pattern and to tell everyone that he just created unrealistic painting which seems to be sold for hundred millions of dollars...

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