Magical Photo Manipulation Works by Magdalena Smokrovic
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Very talented artist, Magdalena Smokrovic  well know as Esstera from Croatia, Southeastern Europe. Her DeviantArt profile filled with mind blowing works and they are wonderful mix of digital photography and classic paintings. She is creating amazing magical world using her photo manipulation skills. Here’s some of  her works, and dont forget to visit her deviantArt profile...

Miniatures in Wineglass by Szymon Klimek
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Everyone saw miniature copies of houses, ships or trains in the bottles. But it turns out that this is not the most complex miniature art. Szymon Klimek is a master of what is a sublime combination of art and model engineering. A true craftsman, Szymon has a large gallery filled with his works of mechanical art and models, which also include this utterly small solar-powered brass engine model inside a wine glass. An amazing combination of advanced technical capabilities and unusual hobby...

Fantastic Work by the Jessica Joslin
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Jessica Joslin  gives findings a new meaning all together. She takes bones, skulls, leather, fur, fabric and odds and ends castaway from other lives and eras, fashioning and creating a kingdom of her own. Her work definitely has a gothic feel, but they also have a real playful edge to them as well. Her animals remind me of a friend's hairless cat, Fredy, who at first glance you're not sure what to make of her, yet her warm and lovable personality wins you over in seconds. As does Jessica's incredible menagerie...

The Jakob Wagner Nightscapes Collection
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Famous photographer Jakob Wagner is doing a great work in nightscape photography. And his latest photoshoot called Nightscapes is not an exception. Wagner’s work takes him to cities across the globe – from Amsterdam, Holland to Cape Town, South Africa. Wagner captures these cities in their nightly slumber, from a perspective that includes the natural  landscape upon which these cities rest...

Urban Landscape by Marco Zamora
Lifestyle - Arts and Culture
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The artist Marco Zamora, 28 years old, is the man who develops love for the urban landscape and the people who live in it, since he was a student, he painted with water colors and ink, when he graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2004, he continued with his art work, painting the urban landscapes, life of the ordinary people in the city, working class. Marco was born , and still lives and works in Los Angeles, California. he still draws and paints city life, his culture, color, and everything that surrounds him, in this "urban jungle"...

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