Singapore Jurong Bird Park
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One of the main attractions nestles in the corner of the island, a very unassuming locale with an ornate gate and a collection of the most rarest and beautiful species of the animals of flight you will ever see; the Singapore Jurong Bird Park is definitely a must visit for anyone to be visiting this lovely island named after the mythical sealion. This place appeals to anyone with a love for the unusual, exciting, the colourful and an experience that closely resembles a natural rainforest within the edifices of concrete and steel.


The Singapore Jurong Bird Park is located in the westerly area of Singapore and the rustic locale just adds to the rustic charm. It feels like an adventure as you leave the busy lights and mass crowds of the town centres and the charming suburbs - languishing slowly through a busy highway that slowly but sure becomes quieter and quieter as the kilometres go by. Reaching the all familiar sign, you will be treated to an almost minituaristic Jurassic park like entrance, only instead of a roar and a thunder shaking rumble - you will experience the warm smiles of the staff and the calls of different species echoing through the air.

The many gift and souvenir shops are also a must visit for anyone who wants a complete journey and bring home something to remember the place by. The gifts are original, charming and completely bird inspired - from keychains to t-shirts that serve as a reminder to the wonderful time you have had in the westerly bird park.

The park definitely lives up to its mantra of a place with living colours and there is never a dull moment within its landscape of birds and different attractions that will keep both adults and kids happy. Be frightened and in awe at the birds of prey show and be astounded by the beauty of the birds of paradise. Walk through pelican cove and parrot paradise, not forgetting an almost musical turn of events with an attraction called Swan Lake. From every corner of the world, birds of all shapes, forms and sizes are put on display, either in large habitations or roaming free within large enclosures and open air viewables. You can even feed and let them land on your hand - a total sensory experience that gives you an insight to birds and how they live, breathe and pass the time.

Travel through the whimsically named panorail and 'fly' together with some of the birds as you get a birds eye view of the attractions and the entire park in an informative and fun ride. It is not just a tourist attraction, but an experience in itself, a wonder, a jewel within an island known to be one giant city. You might even get a glimpse of events and even a gander at love taking flight as some couples choose this picturesque location to get married. Visit the Jurong Bird Park today - you won't be disappointed.
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