The Wild Beauty of Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls are one of the most exciting places in the world. They are considered as one of the most amazing wonders of the nature. They can be found on the border between United States and Canada, near Buffalo.
Their beauty and their massiveness can look pretty frightening, sometimes. Niagara Falls are showing us how nature sometimes can be extremely wild and beautiful in same time. These waterfalls are also known as one of the main sources of the energy in Northern America. The very first hydroelectric power plant was built here by Nikola Tesla which lead to a revolution in use of the electric power...

World Custard Pie Throwing Championship in Maidstone
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Coxheath's World Custard Pie Throwing Championship began on June 24, 1967 and was created by now Mayor of Maidstone, Councilor Mike Fitzgerald.
More than 80 teams threw Custard Pies at each other during its heyday dressed in Victorian Era style costumes or the latest fashion style at that time.
In its early days only men were allowed to join as they thought it was unacceptable for women to join in - this eventually changed however...

Most Powerful and Beautiful Waterfalls Around the World
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Some wonders of natural world are truly revitalizing. They exhibit beauty and pride of nature, challenging all the structures ever made by man. Among such magnificent wonders are natural waterfalls. Every second, the gushing water spurts millions of tons of water, which finally merges with the ocean. The panorama of these cascading waterfalls is quite elegant, and hence, millions of people from every corner of the world are attracted towards it.
However, to witness the true essence of nature, we recommend this list of top ten waterfalls around the world. They are mighty, they are glorious, and they are impressive...

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