SOUND Night Club in Phuket, Thailand
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The night scene in Phuket, Thailand, changed permanently last fall, when SOUND Phuket night club  was opened.  SOUND’s design theme, realized by Orbit Design Studio (Bangkok, London and Tokyo) in association with Bed Supper Club, is based on the human ear, so everything in the interior is rounded, curved and tubular. While mimicking the human body, the SOUND environment with its intense audio and visual effects offers a surreal, out-of-body sci-fi experience.  One of the central attractions is the bar lit by a stunning 19-meter graphic equalizer LED screen that is synchronized to the music that ranges form electronic music, hip-hop and R&B to house depending on the DJ and the theme of the night.
Make sure you visit SOUND if you’re in Thailand! Check out some additional photos after the jump...






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