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Forming a spiraling circle around a strong vertical core, Kazakhstan’s new National Library in Astana is a sight for sore eyes. Designed by BIG Architects, who were recently awarded first prize in an open international design competition, the library's naturally lit interior corridors provide a perfect place to read your favorite book.

The new 355,000 sqaure foot (33,000 sq m) library will be located in the center of Astana with views of the entire city. The entire community will have access to the library, which will be open for meetings, cultural events, and historical record keeping. Outside, visitors will find various trees, plants, rocks, and minerals taken from all over the country, and will have a chance to experience firsthand their diverse native landscape.

To minimize cooling loads on the library, BIG used advanced computer modeling to calculate thermal exposure on the building. Through this effort, they were able to maximize shading and regulate solar impact.
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