Skull Sculpture by Subodh Gupta
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Made out of what looks like a bunch of kitchen utensils, this stainless steel skull sculpture, by Subodh Gupta, is one of the weirdest artworks I’ve seen recently. I’m sure it has some kind of meaning, but so far I haven’t been able to figure it out. let me know if you know something I don’t.

Sculptures in Motion by Peter Jansen
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Sculptures-in-Motion-by-Peter-JansenPeter Jansen must have watched the slow motion parts in The Matrix thousands of times. A student of physics and philosophy, the Dutch artist captures sequences of human movements within a single frame of space and time. The result is quite stunning.
Peter Jansen (1956) studied  Physics and Philosophy at the university.
For a number of years he worked as a guide, accompanying groups on survival and canoe trips, after which he dedicated his live entirely to the arts.
Based on his ideas on transposition and movement the artist Peter Jansen uses shapes of the human body to create energetic spaces.
In his earlier works he focused on open spaces, created almost free of matter and weight.
In his recent sculptures he captures sequences of human movements in space and time, in a single frame...

Wonderful snow globes
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Wonderful-snow-globesWonderful snow globes by Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz
Like most people, I love snow globes. And I love them even more when they are as unique, quirky and odd as these from the NY Artist team Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz...

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