Bouquets Unveiling of the Brand Happy Roses
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Here is a complete picture gallery of bouquets unveiling of the brand Happy Roses. The principle: a unique process that allows color to tint specifically each petal a different color. A wealth of shades to discover in these macro photographs...

Miniature Cities By Ben Thomas
Lifestyle - Arts and Culture
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Ben Thomas is on a mission to shrink cities! The technique Ben uses to get the added Depth of Field in his pictures is tilt-shift photography, that makes aerial photographs of real scenes look like miniature models. This technique is charming, as it applies to creating a ‘model-sized’ scenery that is catching on all over the globe (mostly via flickr, the online photo sharing community).

Viral Sculptures by Luke Jerram
Lifestyle - Arts and Culture
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Luke Jerram has created beautiful viral sculptures such as swine flu, E.Coli, and smallpox to contrast with traditional medical renderings - these bacteria are actually transparent in nature.
Jerram said: "Its great to be exploring the edges of scientific understanding and visualisation of a virus. Scientists aren't able to answer many of the questions I ask them, such as how the RNA is exactly fitted within the Capsid? At the moment, the technology isn't there to answer all these questions..."

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