Acadia National Park
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Acadia-National-Park-2Acadia National Park - If you’re looking for a great national park to visit in the United States, then we highly recommend you looking into Acadia National Park, which is located in Maine. We believe this national park is one of the most enchanting national parks places you will come across in the North American continent. The scenery includes islands, mountains and the ocean that make your surroundings overall unique. Year-round millions of individuals visit Acadia National Park in order to have a memorable vacation and escape from reality. Once you feel the experience of Acadia National Park, we believe it is going to stay with you forever...

Covent Garden
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Covent-GardenExcellent entertainment zone at the heart of London
Covent Garden is nestled at West End in Central London with a history dating back to the 17th century. It was in 1630s that the 4th Earl of Bedford commissioned the British architect Inigo Jones to design and build a residential square in the West Minster Abbey’s Convent Garden. Inspired by his travels to Italy, Jones designed the very first public square of England, the Covent Garden’s piazza.
Inigo Jones introduced innovative town planning features to the English community such as the Palladian architecture for buildings and well organized straight streets. In fact Covent Garden still retains much of its original streets and names unchanged to date.
As time passed Covent Garden was occupied as a fruit and vegetable market. Following the pineapple boom in 1650s, artists and craftsmen adapted pineapple motif into their creative works. As a reminiscent of the olden times, each hanging lantern at the arcade is capped by a golden colour pineapple. Between 19th and 20th century the square was renowned as the main fruit and vegetable market in London which occupied more than 1000 porters. Presently Covent Garden has become a major venue for entertainment, food and shopping recording over 40 million visitors a year.
Covent Garden piazza is a large building with glass roofing, sheltering several arcades. These arcades nestle chic cafes and boutiques in addition to the Apple Market and Jubilee Hall Market showcasing an alluring array of arts and crafts, clothing, jewellery and souvenirs. As the only area licensed for street performing in London, Covent Garden’s open piazza is a concentration of talented performers from across the globe. Visitors are entertained with live shows of musicians, mime artists, magicians and jugglers among many others...

The Caribbean Islands
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The-Caribbean-IslandsThe Caribbean islands are everything that postcards present them to be and much more. Do not limit yourself to just the picturesque white beaches and majestic blue skies – to experience the true colors of the Caribbean, you should visit its side streets, too. Here is a rundown of interesting things to do on your trip.
Caribbean hotels and resorts are usually fully booked during peak season, so it is advisable to take care of your accommodations at least three months in advance. If you want more privacy, visit the less popular islands that offer the same first-rate accommodations. It’s not a good idea to visit the Caribbean from April to December, though, as these are hurricane months. If you still want to go during this period, always check for weather updates.
Don’t limit yourself to the beaches – if you have time to spend, you should also include a tour of the Caribbean rainforests and the interesting key cities in your trip. Some ideas: If you find yourself in the Dominican Republic, don’t miss the grand waterfalls, the majestic volcanic zeniths and boiling lakes, and, of course, their world-famous forest preserves!
The independent island nation of Barbados boasts one of the highest standards of living in the developing world. It is a place with many great resorts and tourist attractions, such as the unique Atlantis Submarine diving trip. There are also snorkeling expeditions that feature visits to shipwrecks and swimming with turtles. If you really love turtles, you can see more at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, where you will see many large specimens, as well as many other types of animal and plant life...

Liger - the Largest Cat on Earth
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ligerLiger is an amazing creature that has rarely occurred through history and is a true marvel in appearance. So great is the muscularity and strength of the cat that if it ever existed in the wild, it would have been capable of taking down every animal on earth!
Liger is not even a specie at all ~ it is a hybrid ~ a cross between a male lion and a female tiger that is given a scientific denotation of Panthera leo × Panthera tigris. The name is derivate of its heritage: 'Li' from lion and 'ger' from tiger. The appearance is indicative of the huge cat's origin ~ a tawny coat is marked by diffuse stripes and rosettes with a rudimentary mane. The attributes are also inherited from either parents and is a mix of the two species ~ Liger likes to swim like tigers and is sociable like lions. The roar is more like that of a lion and so is the frequent laid back nature of the cat, in contrast to the ferocious and active lifestyle of the male tiger...

Green Anaconda Information And Facts
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Green-AnacondaIf you don't know which are the current largest invertebrate in the world are, it is the Green Anaconda. The Green Anaconda whose scientific name is Eunectes Murinus: a little bit hard to pronounce like all scientific and biological names; is the largest snake that you will find in the world.
The Green Anaconda is a classified Reptalia and comes from the order of Squamata. It belongs to the family of Biodae,of the Eunectes genus and from the species of Murinus, hence the biological name Eunectes Murinus.
The statistics of a Green Anaconda is an average length of 29 feet, usually weighs about 550 pounds and has a diameter which is a little more than 12 inches. Green Anacondas are mainly found in the swamps, marshes and slow moving rivers of the northern part of South America, the thick jungles of Amazon and Orinico Basin. In the United States there are now these types of Anacondas, however, the majority are of course kept on the zoo and there have been no report yet of such green animal being found on Florida swamps yet...

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