Choosing a Pet? Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pet
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Choosing-a-PetConsider whether you have time for a pet. They look to you for their food, water, veterinary treatments and love. If your children cannot or will not care for the pet, do you have time to do it. Did you know that in over half of households
the female spouse or family member ends up taking care of the family dog
or pet.
Now this is pretty much common sense but you should think about whether you are allowed to have a pet where you currently reside. Check the regulations if your are a tenant. If pets are allowed are you prepared for the extra amount of deposit money that will be required. Are you prepared for the carpet cleaning necessary when you move? These an other questions should be considered if you are a renter.
How many years are you willing to commit to this new pet? A pet can be a lifelong commitment depending on how old you are when you choose a puppy or other young pet. Personally I had a Dachshund that was with us for 17 years. Cats can live from 10 to 20 years subject to certain medical issues. Other pets like horses, turtles, parrots and other types of birds can live quite a bit longer even 30 to 40 years...

Playa Del Carmen - The Ideal Location For a Romantic Get-a-way
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Playa-Del-CarmenPlaya del Carmen is a coastal city in the northeast of Quintana Roo, and has now become the second most popular vacation destination on the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen is still a relatively small tourist resort with a year round population of under 200,000. The Cancun airport is only about an hour drive. The smaller size of the community creates a more private, romantic atmosphere for couples seeking a more romantic vacation.
Culture: Playa del Carmen's humble beginnings as a small fishing town have proven a positive aspect in the area's culture. Mass tourism began with a simple passenger ferry service. Tourists passed by the city on their way to Cosumel for scuba diving. They quickly came to the realization that Playa del Carmen provided a wonderfully relaxing break from the crowds of the more populated tourist areas.
Playa del Carmen is not isolated. There are fabulous and very popular tourist attractions nearby that make for great day trips. Take the time to explore the beauty, romance and culture of the nearby Mayan ruins. Discover the magic of Mayan history for yourself. Like other incredible romantic vacation destinations, you'll find a vacation in this region an amazing cultural experience...

Breakfasts: The Hidden Present at Christmas
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Breakfasts-ChristmasIf there is one thing associated with Christmas nearly as much as presents; it just has to be food. From a dinner with all the trimmings, through decadent desserts, and onto all the sweet treats and fancy snacks. One area that doesn't always get a look in is breakfasts though; but there is no reason why not.
Even if you are the one responsible for preparing the lunch, it doesn't mean you can't have good celebratory breakfasts either.
A traditional Christmas favorite already; it is likely you may have some fine Scottish smoked salmon in the fridge. Teaming this with just soft scrambled eggs, and perhaps a toasted bagel, is wonderful. For extra luxury, add some truffle oil to your eggs before cooking, or a grating of real truffle when serving.
Slightly more work; but still very easy is a bacon and cheese croissant. Whilst you fry up some bacon, warm two baking trays in the oven and prepare a croissant sliced n half with a spread of butter and a touch of tomato puree.
Once your bacon is done; place this on the croissant and sprinkle with some grated cheese. Place this on one of the baking trays, and place the second on top; pressing down a little. Put this back in the oven for a few minutes, or alternatively on a sandwich toaster, and serve whilst still hot...

Art from Trash
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Art-from-TrashNovember 15th is “America Recycles Day,” and what could be a more inspiring way to reduce waste in your household than to encourage your children to recycle trash materials and objects into art?
Plenty of modern and contemporary artists use unusual materials and objects in their art creations. You’ll find all kinds of scrap materials and useful objects that can be reused in art projects, if you look around your house. Junk mail, kitchen containers, scraps of gift-wrap or wallpaper, old magazines, and all kinds of other objects will come in useful.
Artist’s Principles.: As an artist, your materials should be treated with respect. Save scrap materials in large boxes, making sure they are clean and dry before storing. In the same way that you would respect and value materials that you bought from an art store, you should value the scrap materials and trash objects that you are going to incorporate into your art.
When you work with any materials, including trash, keep your art creativity environment clean and tidy. Wash your tools when needed, and have a good supply of paper towels for cleaning up as you work.
Creativity can be just as much about discovering new and different ways to use and incorporate novel materials into your art as about the end result. Encourage your child to enjoy the process of making his or her artistic creations. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to make art, and while your child may enjoy following instructions in order to create something designed by someone else, encourage out-of-the-box thinking and teach your child to value his own ideas as much as any ideas he finds in a book or on a website...

Home Decoration: It’s All About Creativity
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Home-DecorationDo you want to create the house of your dreams? Having gorgeous furniture, paintings and air-conditioned living room set may be an option on a big budget. But decorating doesn't have to be costly.
Home decoration teaches us to manage and organize our house. This includes the interior decoration, wall decoration, kitchen decoration, bathroom decoration and living room decoration. Also, from color schemes and style to furniture arranging and space planning, decorating ideas, principles of design. The range of the decoration process is too expensive to imagine but you can do it other way around.
The greatest tool for home decoration is creativity. Use your creativity and intuition. Trusting your intuition and developing your creativity helps you design your house perfectly according to your own choice.
It is wonderful to visualize your house while you are dreaming and wishfully thinking. Pick a theme for your home. With such, this will give you a clear idea about what exactly you need. You may use your existing belongings from vases, figurines, lamps, handmade candles or even antique decorations...

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