The Mast Brothers at their Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn
Lifestyle - Food and Drink
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In the world of chocolate making, there’s the easy way, and there’s the Mast Brothers way.
Unlike many chocolatiers who use couverture — discs of pre-made chocolate that can be remelted for confections and bars — Rick Mast, 31, and Mike Mast, 28, are one of a dozen or so American chocolate artisans who hand make chocolate from cocoa bean to bar...

The Most Expensive Things In 2009
Technology - Design
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Despite the crisis and its negative consequences, a world of luxury in 2009, supplemented by a cascade super accessories … The cost of these “things” of millions of dollars – enough to feed a small country…

Butter Sculptures by Jim Victor
Lifestyle - Arts and Culture
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Butter Sculptures

Whether its paint, photography, or any art form, the medium an artist chooses has always been a central part to executing their vision. Jim Victor has made his choice and an interesting one at that:  Butter...

Nile Crocodile Hatching From Egg
Offbeat - Pets and Animals
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Nile crocodile
Crocodiles are protected in many parts of the world, but they also are farmed commercially. Their hide is tanned and used to make leather goods such as shoes and handbags, whilst crocodile meat is also considered a delicacy. The most commonly farmed species are the Saltwater and Nile crocodiles, while a hybrid of the Saltwater and the rare Siamese Crocodile is also bred in Asian farms. Farming has resulted in an increase in the Saltwater crocodile population in Australia, as eggs are usually harvested from the wild, so landowners have an incentive to conserve crocodile habitat...

Paradise on Earth - The Maldives
Lifestyle - Travel and Places
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If your idea of paradise is a pristine tropical island with swaying palm trees and pure white beaches surrounded by crystalline lagoons of varying shades of blue - then the Maldives Islands will definitely fit the bill. Sunny, unique and unspoiled, the islands of Maldives offers you sunshine, no matter what time of the year you decide to visit the Maldives - islands that are truly heaven on Earth...

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