Playa Del Carmen - The Ideal Location For a Romantic Get-a-way
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Playa-Del-CarmenPlaya del Carmen is a coastal city in the northeast of Quintana Roo, and has now become the second most popular vacation destination on the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen is still a relatively small tourist resort with a year round population of under 200,000. The Cancun airport is only about an hour drive. The smaller size of the community creates a more private, romantic atmosphere for couples seeking a more romantic vacation.


Playa del Carmen's humble beginnings as a small fishing town have proven a positive aspect in the area's culture. Mass tourism began with a simple passenger ferry service. Tourists passed by the city on their way to Cosumel for scuba diving. They quickly came to the realization that Playa del Carmen provided a wonderfully relaxing break from the crowds of the more populated tourist areas.

Playa del Carmen is not isolated. There are fabulous and very popular tourist attractions nearby that make for great day trips. Take the time to explore the beauty, romance and culture of the nearby Mayan ruins. Discover the magic of Mayan history for yourself. Like other incredible romantic vacation destinations, you'll find a vacation in this region an amazing cultural experience.

Famous 5th Avenue Shopping

Quinta Avenida, or Fifth Avenue, is the hub of tourist activity in Playa del Carmen. Located only about 500 meters from the white sandy beaches, this main street shopping area offers something for everyone. Small boutiques with handmade Mexican one-of-a-kind pieces mix with larger stores, restaurants and, nightclubs.

Indoor and outdoor shopping areas are available for those looking for that special memento of their romantic trip. Shopping areas are full of surprises and may remind the casual visitor of a carnival. Mimes, fire breathers, live animals and boa constrictors with their handlers have been frequently spotted mingling with tourists on 5th Avenue.

First Class Vacation Accommodations

Every special vacation getaway boasts the best accommodations. Playa del Carmen is more eclectic and private than most. The city's reputation as a quiet fishing village and artists' colony is being preserved with strict ordinances which restrict the height of new buildings.

Renting a high rise condo simply isn't an option as all new buildings are limited to three stories. While some see this as a hindrance, it helps maintain the feeling of a private, romantic vacation destination. The sights and smells of the Caribbean Sea are easily enjoyed from the low-rise, first class vacation accommodations that range from hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, and even private condos all available for your selection.

Fun in Playa del Carmen

Combining shopping and exploring is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend a vacation. No romantic vacation would be complete without candlelit dinners and fun night clubs. Most restaurants serve after hours drinks and entertainment begins at midnight.

Being situated on the beach, water sports are also popular in Playa del Carmen. Many locally owned companies offer snorkeling, diving and fishing excursions. The beautiful white sandy beaches are a wonderful place to relax and watch people enjoy the Caribbean Sea and water sports.
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