Pictures Of Beautiful Abandoned Buildings
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There’s something beautiful in those old abandoned buildings, and I don’t know if that’s because of the spooky atmosphere or something else, but I admit, old abandoned buildings are amazing, and I’m not the only person that thinks this way. Many others artists and photographers are doing the same thing, and today we have 40 amazing pictures of abandoned buildings, so make sure that you check them out.

Unusual Sculptures by Dimitri Tsykalov
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Modern art can be amazing at times, and when speaking about amazing modern art we have to mention Dimitri Tsykalov. Dimitri Tsykalov is a sculptor, and he creates unusual sculptures from unusual materials so let’s check them out.
Today we have four amazing sculptures by Dimitri Tsykalov so let’s get started. Dimitri managed to create a human skull sculpture, from an apple. It’s quite unusual and refreshing to see something like that, but if you think that human skull from an apple is weird, what would you say about a skull carved from a watermelon? Besides skulls from fruits, Dimitri Tsykalov enjoys creating other types of sculptures as well....

Beautiful Billboard That Brings Some Fresh Air
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One thing that I don’t like I’m traveling on a highway are the billboards. They are everywhere, and they are advertising all sorts of things, so after several hours of driving, you’ve seen them all, and you’re tired from them all. But if you hate all these billboards, we have a billboard that will certainly bring some fresh air....

The Life Of The Homeless
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What do you think, how do homeless people live? As we know, some people have become homeless due to bad economy, mental illness, drug addiction or because of some other reason, but if they’re homeless it doesn’t mean that they are hopeless as well. Most of us would shun a homeless person that comes asking us for money, but that’s because we don’t know how they live. Today, we have some shocking pictures that will show you, how life of homeless people looks likes.

Amazing Statues From Recycled Materials
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How often do you recycle? Recycling is quite important for preserving of nature and resources, and somebody’s junk can be someone’s treasure at the times, or in this case, art. So if you’re planning to throw away your junk, and not recycle it, you should maybe give it to Edouard Martinet because he can turn junk into art, or into sculptures.

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