Greg Huglin And Beautiful Photography Of Dolphins
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Photography-Of-DolphinsPhotography can sometimes be beautiful, especially if you know the right way to capture a moment, and this is what Greg Huglin is doing with his pictures, so let’s have a closer look at them.
Just like many artists all over the world, Greg Huglin knows a way to capture a moment, and like other artists, he likes taking pictures of animals, but not just any animals. In fact, Greg is especially interested in dolphins, and today we have some pictures of dolphins by Greg Huglin. I don’t know many artist that are taking photographs of dolphins but I know that these photographs are simply amazing. These animals are beautiful and I’m positive that it is harder to take a picture of dolphin while it jumps out of water than to take a picture of any other animal.
Anyhow, Greg Huglin did a beautiful job and these pictures are simply breathtaking so make sure that you don’t miss them.

Amazing Pictures From WikiLeaks's Headquarters
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WikiLeaks-picturesI’m positive that you heard all about the recent incident with WikiLeaks that released some secret documents of the State Department to the public. It seems that folks from WikiLeaks are in a lot of trouble because of that, but that’s not the issue here. As you know, WikiLeaks in non-profit organization, but after this incident, WikiLeaks sure does look like some sort of secret, evil organization. And what would evil organization be without its super-secret hideout? Today we’re going to show you how does a hideout of WikiLeaks looks like, and we can only say that it’s both super and secret.
As you might know, WikiLeaks is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and they are currently located in Pionen data center. This might not be the standard data center as you expect since this one is located inside a bunker. That’s right, and this bunker is located 30m bellow the ground under the Stockholm park.

The Amazing Art Of Tilt-Shift Photography
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tilt-shift-photographyI don’t know if you’re familiar with the art of Tilt-Shift photography, but it’s the one of the most impressive types of photography that I’ve ever seen because it makes everything in your pictures like miniatures. Today we have some examples of Tilt-Shift photography that we want to share with you so let’s check them out, shall we?
Tilt-Shift photography sounds simple because you just need to perform tilt by rotating the lens plane and adjusting your focus that way. Second part involves shifting that is basically moving the lens without moving the camera itself. In order to make Tilt-Shift photography you’ll need a special lens or an image editing software such as Photoshop. Anyhow, despite the method that you use, results can be amazing, so we decided to share of the most impressive examples of Tilt-Shift photography that we could find.

Traveling Photos By Saul Santos Diaz
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Photos-By-Saul-Santos-DiazIf you like to travel you probably like taking photos form your travels as well. Personally, I’m not that much into traveling, but I do enjoy a quality photos from time to time. Therefore, if you’re not into traveling, we have some amazing photos of places that you can visit someday.
Today we have many photos from all sorts of places around the world taken by the Saul Santos Diaz. Saul Santos Diaz enjoys traveling and on his travels he often takes photos of the places that he visits. Today we have some of those photos and we’ve decided to share them with you. Most of these photos include water reflections so you’ll get the chance to see some of the most amazing travel photos. Besides those reflections, you’ll get the chance to enjoy in amazing night lights of some famous cities so without a doubt you should check these sweet photos out.

Incredible Paper Art by Simone Lourenco
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Art has changed a lot during the years, and artist all over the world are using paper in their designs, but not just for painting. Artists are now using paper as their own art, and you probably know all about Origami and the art of folding paper. Today we don’t have Origami art, but we have some incredible paper art that you should definitely check out.

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