Beautiful Billboard That Brings Some Fresh Air
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One thing that I don’t like I’m traveling on a highway are the billboards. They are everywhere, and they are advertising all sorts of things, so after several hours of driving, you’ve seen them all, and you’re tired from them all. But if you hate all these billboards, we have a billboard that will certainly bring some fresh air.

This billboard is located at the Canadian border, near Vancouver, and the only thing that this billboard is advertising is the free space. That’s right, there’s nothing on this billboard, not a single picture or text, it’s completely empty and it only holds free space. In fact, this billboard doesn’t even have a frame, instead it is using many metal pieces, so it’s quite impressive. This is quite refreshing comparing to the other billboards, and in fact, this billboard was funded by U.S. government.

So if you’re ever going to Canada, make sure that you do not miss this amazing piece of fresh art.
Images by Ian Gill courtesy of Lead Pencil Studio






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