The Life Of The Homeless
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What do you think, how do homeless people live? As we know, some people have become homeless due to bad economy, mental illness, drug addiction or because of some other reason, but if they’re homeless it doesn’t mean that they are hopeless as well. Most of us would shun a homeless person that comes asking us for money, but that’s because we don’t know how they live. Today, we have some shocking pictures that will show you, how life of homeless people looks likes.

Like we said, if they’re homeless it doesn’t mean that they’re helpless, and beneath the Las Vegas there’s a tunnel that is filled with homeless people. As we find out, about 1,000 people live in that tunnel, and it seems that they have their own little world bellow the ground. It seems that most of them have decorated their underground tunnels so they look like almost like rooms. Some of them have beds, and shelves where they keep their clothes, while others sleep on the ground with rats and bugs. Some of them have simple furniture such as chairs and trashcans, and it seems enough for these people. They might be fortunate to have all of this, but what about millions of others that don’t have this kind of “luxury”?
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-3 #4 2011-01-28 04:17
Not horrible, we should all live rent free... that is basically what they are doing.
-2 #3 2011-01-15 20:57
I work hard in Madrid and I live in 28 square metres (about 2 bedrooms). I pay 550 euros but i m have less space than they have.
+4 #2 2010-11-25 19:20
What if there is flooding ? Many will die...
+1 #1 2010-11-23 21:55
..... come on "Bill G".... you have enough to take care of all the homeless and the National Debt !! Or you will have enough fairly soon !!

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