Breakfasts: The Hidden Present at Christmas
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Breakfasts-ChristmasIf there is one thing associated with Christmas nearly as much as presents; it just has to be food. From a dinner with all the trimmings, through decadent desserts, and onto all the sweet treats and fancy snacks. One area that doesn't always get a look in is breakfasts though; but there is no reason why not.
Even if you are the one responsible for preparing the lunch, it doesn't mean you can't have good celebratory breakfasts either.
A traditional Christmas favorite already; it is likely you may have some fine Scottish smoked salmon in the fridge. Teaming this with just soft scrambled eggs, and perhaps a toasted bagel, is wonderful. For extra luxury, add some truffle oil to your eggs before cooking, or a grating of real truffle when serving.
Slightly more work; but still very easy is a bacon and cheese croissant. Whilst you fry up some bacon, warm two baking trays in the oven and prepare a croissant sliced n half with a spread of butter and a touch of tomato puree.
Once your bacon is done; place this on the croissant and sprinkle with some grated cheese. Place this on one of the baking trays, and place the second on top; pressing down a little. Put this back in the oven for a few minutes, or alternatively on a sandwich toaster, and serve whilst still hot...

Why is Traditional Mexican Food So Fascinating?
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Traditional-Mexican-FoodThe food of Mexico has a long and varied history. This diverse history is rich with a fusion of influences that has created a cuisine that is enjoyed all over the world. True Mexican cuisine is made of fresh foods that are prepared from scratch. The results are delicious and very good for you.
Mexican cuisine is the result of Spanish, Mayan and Aztec influences. Add in a dash of French and you have today's Mexican cuisine. Although it has a reputation for being spicy, not all Mexican dishes are hot. Some are creamy and sweet. Depending on the area of Mexico a recipe is from, the food could be based more on beans, fruit, or seafood.
When Cortez and his Conquistadors arrived in Mexico in 1521 from Spain, they found many different foods that they had never heard of before. Avocados, squash, chocolate, peanuts, beans, corn, vanilla, coconuts, and tomatoes were all new taste sensations to them. They also shared their bounty from Spain. Pork, lamb, beef, garlic, cheese, milk, wine, vinegar, and citrus fruits were all new to the native Mexicans. They lost no time in assimilating these new foods into their cuisine, blending them seamlessly with their staples into new recipes...

How to Clean a Wine Decanter
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How-to-Clean-a-Wine-DecanterDo you have a decanter that has a stain making the glass seem dull or diluted?  Well, if this is your decanter then you may need to clean it to remove the stain.  Cleaning a decanter is not as easy as taking a cloth and just wiping the inside of the bottle.  Most likely the bottle top will not allow enough room for you to put your hand inside.  In this case you will have to use another means of cleaning you decanter.  There are a number of ways to clean decanters and if you look on the net you will find accounts from people that swear by their method.  Some are simple, some are dangerous and may be poisonous and some may just take a trip to the grocery store to get a few requirements.  Below, I will outline a few simple ways to clean your decanter.
The simplest way that I have found to clean a decanter is to use ice.  Yes, I mean ice from your refrigerator or ice box.  The ice needs to be in block size but small enough to fit through the hole in your decanter.  If your ice cubes are too big to fit but break them into smaller piece but not too small or they just will not do the job.  Put the ice cubes inside the decanter and add a small amount of water.  Next take your hand and spin the decanter in a circle making the ice cubes scrape the sides of the decanter, the scraping with cut through the stain on your decanter after a while removing and cleaning the crystal glass.  Once the stain has been removed use soap and water to finish the final rinse.  This is a simple way to clean your decanter and is not toxic in any way.  Also, if the ice milts before you are able to get all the stains off of the sides of the crystal decanter then just add more ice.

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