Liger - the Largest Cat on Earth
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ligerLiger is an amazing creature that has rarely occurred through history and is a true marvel in appearance. So great is the muscularity and strength of the cat that if it ever existed in the wild, it would have been capable of taking down every animal on earth!
Liger is not even a specie at all ~ it is a hybrid ~ a cross between a male lion and a female tiger that is given a scientific denotation of Panthera leo × Panthera tigris. The name is derivate of its heritage: 'Li' from lion and 'ger' from tiger. The appearance is indicative of the huge cat's origin ~ a tawny coat is marked by diffuse stripes and rosettes with a rudimentary mane. The attributes are also inherited from either parents and is a mix of the two species ~ Liger likes to swim like tigers and is sociable like lions. The roar is more like that of a lion and so is the frequent laid back nature of the cat, in contrast to the ferocious and active lifestyle of the male tiger...

Green Anaconda Information And Facts
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Green-AnacondaIf you don't know which are the current largest invertebrate in the world are, it is the Green Anaconda. The Green Anaconda whose scientific name is Eunectes Murinus: a little bit hard to pronounce like all scientific and biological names; is the largest snake that you will find in the world.
The Green Anaconda is a classified Reptalia and comes from the order of Squamata. It belongs to the family of Biodae,of the Eunectes genus and from the species of Murinus, hence the biological name Eunectes Murinus.
The statistics of a Green Anaconda is an average length of 29 feet, usually weighs about 550 pounds and has a diameter which is a little more than 12 inches. Green Anacondas are mainly found in the swamps, marshes and slow moving rivers of the northern part of South America, the thick jungles of Amazon and Orinico Basin. In the United States there are now these types of Anacondas, however, the majority are of course kept on the zoo and there have been no report yet of such green animal being found on Florida swamps yet...

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