Incredible Paper Art by Simone Lourenco
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Art has changed a lot during the years, and artist all over the world are using paper in their designs, but not just for painting. Artists are now using paper as their own art, and you probably know all about Origami and the art of folding paper. Today we don’t have Origami art, but we have some incredible paper art that you should definitely check out.

This amazing art has been created by Simone Lourenço and this art involves some folding, but it’s not that close to Origami I guess. Anyhow, this art involves more slicing and cutting than folding, but it’s amazing. I’m not sure what these pictures should represent, but it seems that all of them are created out of several colored papers that are placed one over another. Each paper is carefully cut and placed over another one, so when you combine all of these papers, you get one amazing and abstract picture.

Simone Lourenço did an amazing job, and we can only guess how much time does it take to create something complex as this. Anyhow, for more info, feel free to check the images bellow.








0 #1 2010-12-12 03:55
.... awesome non origami paper art !!

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