German Shepherd Puppies - 8 Tips To Owning A Raising One
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German-Shepherd-PuppiesNot long after buying a German shepherd puppy, you will want to think about implementing obedience training. As a pack animal, German shepherds, just like any other dog, will begin to test the boundaries of the pack hierarchy. Keeping you dog in its rightful place in the chain of command is important for both of you.

As one of the more intelligent breeds of dog, German shepherd learn quick. Is it any wonder, the police use them as their dog of choice. They need stimulus, don't let your puppy grow up neglected.

Exercise is a must for various reasons. Firstly, it is essential for growth and developing natural reflexes. Secondly, it will help your dog mix socially, another equally important part of your German shepherd’s development. So remember, plenty of brisk walks and any secure open areas that you may live near.

German shepherds can grow to about 100 pound, they are powerful, quick and will have no problems sweeping objects off of nearby sideboards, so keep valuables out of reach while they are growing. Remember, a German shepherd is still a puppy up to the age of around three, fully grown physically but mentally a tazmanian devil.

While on the search for a puppy, find one from a genuine breeder, this will ensure good genes; you can find good breeders in you classifieds or get a referral from your vet, kennel clubs or dog training clubs.

Before buying a GSD, spend a little time at a club and get first hand experience what sort of commitment is needed in owning and raising a German shepherd puppy. Speak so various owners, they will put you straight and may save you valuable time and heartache, should ownership not be for you.

German shepherd's are a breed with a naturally heavy coat. They tend to moult far more than most other breeds of dog. Be prepared to vacuum a lot more than usual.

Lastly, you dog needs to mix with lots of other dogs and people, this is one of the best ways to keeping an even temperament. A dog kept away from the world, will become defensive and suspicious of others the longer it is kept isolated.
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very well said, specially the part where you carefully buy or search for a german shepherd puppies that have good genes!

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