Dogs Are Not Just For Christmas
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Dogs-Are-Not-Just-For-ChristmasAlarmingly, many people still decide to get a puppy for Christmas, only to realize by the New Year that they have made a mistake. Tragically, this means that many pets in January are either abandoned or taken to animal shelters.

It starts innocently enough with a child pleading his, or her, parents, “Please can we get a puppy?” While I believe that it is wonderful and very healthy for a child to have a pet, it is crucial that all parents think carefully about the responsibility they are taking on with a dog. Dogs are not like goldfish, they are demanding of your time and they require training, otherwise they become unruly and messy. Therefore, below is a list of things that all potential dog owners should consider before making the commitment to make a dog part of their family.

* If both you and your spouse or partner work, consider how much time the dog will have to spend alone. Remember, that a dog, by nature, is a pack animal used to spending all of its time with the other members of the pack. As a dog sees its human family as its pack, it can become very distressed if left alone all day. Consequently, behavioral problems, such as howling, chewing and messing on the floor can all manifest themselves.

* Bear in mind, dogs need training. No puppy is going to learn to go to the toilet outside, come when it is called or stay when it is told to do so, without being obedience trained. It is important to understand that training a dog is not difficult, but it does require the time and patience of an owner.

* Remember, that dogs can be expensive. Initial visits to the vet include worming, vaccinations and spaying or neutering. Then, of course, your dog could become sick or have an accident that requires emergency medical treatment. Therefore, it is advisable to take out pet insurance, but it is also wise to consider unexpected bills that may not be covered by insurance.

* If you have a dog and still choose to go away on vacation, you may need to consider a pet sitter, or placing your dog in boarding kennels while you are away. In some cases, this can cause a dog great distress and anxiety. Alternatively, you may choose to select vacations, such as road trips, camping etc., where your dog can be included.

* Dogs require exercise every day. That means that even when it is cold, wet and miserable, your dog will need to be taken for his, or her, daily walks. There are times when this is not enjoyable, but if your dog is not getting enough exercise he, or she, can become frustrated, which may result in bad behavior.

* When choosing a dog, remember that he, or she, will get bigger. Depending on the breed, a puppy can seem tiny and sweet, but as it becomes older, it will grow much larger. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about the amount of space available in your home and garden before purchasing a cute little puppy.

Before making the decision to own a dog, it is wise to remember that it will have a large impact on your lifestyle. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that dog ownership changes your life. The thought of getting a puppy is very exciting, but it is important that it is considered seriously before making a lifelong commitment to a dog. Think it over carefully, because you don’t want to be one of the many people who buy a puppy for Christmas and then discover that they’ve made a huge mistake.
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