Cesar Santos: Paintings
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Paintings-by-Cesar-SantosBorn in Cuba in 1982, Cesar Santos immigrated to the United States in 1995 where he began to develop his artistic interests. Recently Santos lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden, where he actively taught and gave workshops in the traditional manner of drawing and painting at the Atelier Stockholm, an ARC Approved™ Atelier.

Amazing Bioluminescent Lake in Australia
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Bioluminescent-Lake-in-AustraliaIn the Gippsland Lakes in Australia bioluminescence is a very unique, beautiful, and rare phenomenon that results from a chain of events such as flash floods, storms, and bushfires that triggers a population explosion of one particular type of algae.

Photographer Phil Hart, 34, snapped the bizarre sight as his friends emerged from a lake in the dark of night. The spooky light is created by a chemical reaction called “bioluminescence”, which happens when tiny organisms in the water are disturbed.

It is very strange to observe and might make the observer think that were being invaded by another extraterrestrial species.

Beautiful Photos of Places from All Over the World by Ben Visbeek
Lifestyle - Travel and Places
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Beautiful-Photos-by-Ben-VisbeekBen Visbeek is a professional photographer from Amsterdam, Netherlands who have traveled in lots of places and witnessed their beauty with his beloved camera.
His work as a photographer is not only based on taking nature photography but he also does some portraits of people he meets on his adventurous journeys.

I have already wrote somewhere about the benefits and pros of being traveling photographer and photographing amazing places all over the world.
Today we have prepared this small collection of his photography and we hope you will feel some amount of joy while watching them.

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