Why is Traditional Mexican Food So Fascinating?
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Traditional-Mexican-FoodThe food of Mexico has a long and varied history. This diverse history is rich with a fusion of influences that has created a cuisine that is enjoyed all over the world. True Mexican cuisine is made of fresh foods that are prepared from scratch. The results are delicious and very good for you.

Mexican cuisine is the result of Spanish, Mayan and Aztec influences. Add in a dash of French and you have today's Mexican cuisine. Although it has a reputation for being spicy, not all Mexican dishes are hot. Some are creamy and sweet. Depending on the area of Mexico a recipe is from, the food could be based more on beans, fruit, or seafood.

When Cortez and his Conquistadors arrived in Mexico in 1521 from Spain, they found many different foods that they had never heard of before. Avocados, squash, chocolate, peanuts, beans, corn, vanilla, coconuts, and tomatoes were all new taste sensations to them. They also shared their bounty from Spain. Pork, lamb, beef, garlic, cheese, milk, wine, vinegar, and citrus fruits were all new to the native Mexicans. They lost no time in assimilating these new foods into their cuisine, blending them seamlessly with their staples into new recipes.

Every cuisine has a foundation of ingredients. In Mexico, it was squash, corn, and beans. Each region then added their specialties to this foundation. In the Yucatan Peninsula, seafood was the primary addition along with fruit-based sauces. In northern Mexico, the meat was almost always grilled over an open charcoal fire. Oaxaca is thought to be the place corn was first domesticated. Even today, there are many varieties of corn grown in this area that can be found nowhere else. Chiles are another staple in this area. They make seven different varieties of mole sauce in Oaxaca.

In Veracruz and its area, most recipes contain fresh fish. Fish is found in tamales, tacos, burritos and more due to the abundance of this ingredient. They also use a lot of olives, chili peppers, and tomatoes in this area. True Mexican food is very different from what you get in the United States.

The Mexican food we eat in the United States is really Tex-Mex food. In Mexico, it would be very rare to be served both rice and beans in the same course, or even the same meal. In the US, it is common to have them served together on the same plate. Salad is not a usual dish in Mexico, either. All of this is influenced from the US.

You can easily find some authentic Mexican recipes, just do not expect them to be like the meals you get in restaurants. Authentic Mexican cuisine is delicious and worth trying. Take a look at some of the regional recipes that use seafood or grilled beef. They are truly spectacular.

Eating Mexican food does not have to mean ground beef tacos and salsa, though that certainly is a way to enjoy it. The cuisine of Mexico is so rich and full of variety that you may be surprised at all, it has to offer. The cuisine of Mexico can be enjoyed at your own table.
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