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Facts-About-MuralsHave you ever seen a crazy cool mural that you can’t stop looking at? That is probably because murals are simply a skillful attempt at creating illusion. They can totally expand our horizons and often times they transport us to another time or place through images. In their simplest form, murals are simply decorative artistic renderings on a common wall or living space that is generally grand in scale. Certain materials are needed to complete a mural but painting easel is not one of them. Here are some truly interesting facts about the fantastic murals of our world.

1. Typically, murals are largely inspired by six main topics: religion, the four seasons (fall, winter, spring, and summer), historical events, ages of man, politics, and social issues.
2. In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt initiated a mural program known as the Works Progress Administration (WPA) under the American New Deal. It was a wonderful act of patronage that enabled out-of-work artists the chance to paint murals and earn a small wage as a way to reduce the devastating effects of the Great Depression. Murals at this time made art accessible to people and it led to local artist commissions and several public murals to be created.
3. A muralists’ greatest challenge is the ceiling. It takes a lot of energy to stand with an arm extended for a long period of time while still maintaining a painterly accuracy and attention to detail. Thank god for masters such as Michelangelo who allowed himself a good decade to complete the Sistene ceilings.
4. The past definitely inspired the future. Modern day muralists often times look to the past for inspiration, especially in the France and Italy areas. There are plenty of churches and villas that provide muralists all around the world a timeless kind of inspiration.

Overall, muralists are fascinated with rich culture and historical events and it shows up in their work. Someone who paints a mural is super multi-faceted, a very skilled painter, and has the talent to paint on a number of rough surfaces with accuracy. Some of the most famous masters in the history of murals come from the Veronese and Teipolo centuries just like Michelangelo.
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