Incredible Oil Paintings by Paul Robert
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The amazing oil paintings in these photos are the work of Paul Robert and they really show off his incredible artistic talent. Most are so lifelike they appear to be photographs. His attention to detail makes his paintings photorealistic.
Check out 22 more such incredible oil paintings after the jump...

Aboriginal People Sculpture From the William Ricketts Sanctuary
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Sculpture from the William Ricketts sanctuary
It was an incredible place, William Ricketts (1898-1993) was an Australian potter and sculptor of the arts and crafts movement. His incredible works opened the eyes of Australians to the beauty of the land and the real raw nature of "wild life" and its essence. The Sanctuary was a real eye opener to the possibilities of spiritual artwork...

Tires Sculptures by Chakaia Booker
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Here are some enviromental-friendly artist who employ recycled tires to make the most stylish and unique artworks. Have a look and pay honour to what they have done.
Chakaia Booker  is an African American artist who was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1953. She received a Bachelor of Art in Sociology from Rutgers University in 1976. She then received her Master of Fine Arts from the City College of New York in 1993. She began working with rubber tires in the early 1990s and presently continues to work in this medium.
Her sculptures are said to address African American identity. The black tires symbolize the strength of African American identity while the color nuances are meant to evoke the complexities of the black humans application....

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