The Art of Making Paper Wigs
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Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk are the team of two young designers who found themselves to be very creative with making paper sculptures. During their work on creating different things from paper they have developed an unique technique of creating some pretty interesting paper wigs.

Super Realistic Sculptures by Marc Sijan
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Marc Sijan’s super realistic sculptures are “homages to humanity’s fascination with its own forms — a fascination which has compelled artists throughout the millennia to mirror life in virtually every medium.” Sijan’s figures are incredibly lifelike, sensuous and graceful. In fact, they are so lifelike, they seem always on the verge of movement, a mere instant away from action. The pores in the skin, the tiny hairs, and veins; even the bald spots, the blemishes, the individual shapes of the faces that make human beings so similar, yet so unique: These are the essence of what makes Marc Sijan’s work so arresting...

Paintings and Art Photography by Sandy Skoglund
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Sandy Skoglund was born in 1946 in Quincy, Massachusetts. She received her BA degree in studio art in 1968 from Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts. During 1966-67, she lived in Aix-en-Provence and Paris, France and studied art history at the Sorbonne and the École du Louvre. In 1971, she received a MA degree in painting from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa and in 1972 received a MFA degree in painting from the same university...

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